The Journey of Love and Marriage Essay example

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Love is such a mysterious word, and most of us don’t fully understand what love is or how it works but all of us want it and it’s the basic necessity for humans because we all want to love and be loved. Love is the greatest thing you can give to someone because it can never be bought, it can’t be forced and it’s the most valuable thing you can receive from someone. Over the years people’s view of love, marriage and family has changed over time, moreover their expectation about love in the model and marriage keeps changing from the time to time.
Today, when we want to show someone how much we love a person, marriage comes into place. Marriage is the most wonderful thing you can give to someone because you’re giving a commitment and vow to
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Intimacy, honesty or sexual loyalty was not part of it. In fact love ranks in the lowest category in a marriage. One of the examples that marriage wasn’t always about love but an economic move is having co spouses. In some cultures having co spouses help strengthen one’s marriage because if a wife cant satisfy her husband’s sexual need then he can achieve that through co spouses or vice versa. Couples in the past didn’t think about love as a necessity because there are more important things than finding love. The necessity to find food, clothing, shelter, and stability were the priority so people didn’t have time to look for love. The only reason they got married is to help satisfy their economic inputs.
During the eighteenth century, marriage was slowly transforming into a more private contract. “For the first time in five thousand years, marriage came to be seen as a private relationship between two individuals rather than one link in a larger system of political and economic alliances” (Coontz 2009, pp137). Our world has become more civilized so everyone can support themselves and not worry about survival of the fittest. Unlike before where the least capable, specifically the woman, depends on their husband to help their economic status. Today, we have a different view of marriage. Everyone is trying to find that special someone or that true love and marriage

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