The Jewelry We Wear Essay

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The Jewelry We Wear

Our tastes in jewelry are often fostered by our heritage, cultural background and ethnicity. Many of the unique pieces we see people wearing today steam from old cultural and ethnic roots. African and Asian influences are two prominent styles that often float in and out of popular culture and fashion as trends and style change. Usually found in silver jewelry, Celtic design is beautiful for its simple elegance. Basic lines come together to form elaborate designs. Celtic designs are also found in a lot of modern jewelry. While much of the Celtic jewelry today is often found in catalogues and stores catering to fortune tellers, witches and fans of the fantasy and medieval lifestyles, many people of Irish decent are
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Women aren't as likely to wear gaudy diamond rings and necklaces. Earrings are more original and artsy. Mass produced styles, like that found in a Tiffany & Co. catalogue, are not as common in Tallahassee. But jewelry is not just an expression of the person who wears it, it is also an expression of the person who designs it. A good place to find examples of the most popular styles in Tallahassee is at Nomads art gallery.

As you leave the beautifully groomed and cared for southwest end of the Florida State University campus and drive up Gaines Street you are surrounded by old warehouses, auto repair shops and abandoned buildings. A few empty lots sit overgrown with weeds and wild flowers. But just as you cross over Macomb St., on the north side of the road, a small strip of shops give life to this tired, rundown area. There is a photography studio, and tattoo parlor, a body piercing shop, and a vegan cafe, and at the end of this group of shops sits Nomads. This bright blue storefront, with its purple trimmed windows houses an eclectic collection of art work, small gifts and jewelry. Beverly Glazer, owner of Nomads Art Gallery buys jewelry from many local designers to sell in her shop. This bubbly, middle-aged entrepreneur has come from long line of retail. After receiving her Bachelors degree in counseling she earned her masters in rehabilitative counseling at Florida State. After working as a counselor for many years

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