Essay about The Islamic Idea of Jihad

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The Islamic Idea of Jihad

This word has been in frequent use in the Western press over the past several years, explained directly or subtlety, to mean holy war. As a matter of fact the term "holy war" was coined in Europe during the Crusades, meaning the war against Muslims. It does not have a counterpart in Islamic glossary, and Jihad is certainly not its equivalent.

The Islamic idea of jihad, which is derived from the Arabic root meaning "to strive" or "to make an effort," has a wide range of meanings, from an inward spiritual struggle to purify the soul of satanic influence, both subtle and overt, cleanse one's spirit of sin, to attain perfect faith, to an outward material struggle
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Muslims must strive to avert injustice first by words and if that is not possible, by violence, qital (fighting or warfare) as a last resort.

Chapter 2, verse 190: Fight in the cause of Allah those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for Allah loves not transgressors.

One of the rules for the lesser Jihad is that you retaliate within limits. So if someone kicks you in the legs, you are prohibited from killing him. The violence used must be pro-portional. The are only two circumstances under which Jihad is permitted. One, if you are being invaded (your country), two, if you do not have religious freedom.

Even then there is something in Islam which Muslims call the ethics of warfare. Allah represents Justice, Mercy, Compassion, among other things. Therefore you are prohibited from using weapons of mass destruction, nuclear or biological warfare is also not allowed. You are not allowed to kill children, women or civilians. Neither are you allowed to destroy people's lively hoods, so you can not poison wells of kill animals. This is also a result of the Muslims belief that all are equal in the eyes of Allah.

Why is lesser Jihad considered to be lesser? Muslims believe that if you cure yourself of all evil, then your effect the people around you into doing the same. Like this it spreads, forging links of

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