The Invention of the Elevator Essay

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Throughout the history, buildings and apartments are all constructed in low-rise applications, causing huge amounts of land being consumed in such a small area. The reason why these structures are built in such a low level is because there was nothing to rise people up to higher levels. The invention of the elevator has had a great contribution towards the solution of this problem, which not only allows people to have the ability to get to higher floors, and also decreases the amount of land being used in our small city. Besides these solutions that the elevator has contributed greatly to, the elevator has also impacted strongly on a few aspects in our society, including environmental and social issues.

Elevators are machines which are
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They have became very common in the mid-1800s during the industrial revolution, where the main purpose of using them was to transfer heavy items into large factories and down into mines. The elevators that were used during that time of period were the most basic ones, which works by putting water or oil pressure to raise and lower the cart.

There are two main types of elevators that are in common use today: hydraulic and roped elevators. The hydraulic elevator works by a piston supporting at the bottom of the elevator, hence being able to push the cart up, as shown on diagram on the right. These elevators are only used for apartments that are between 2 to 8 stories of level, and they travel at a maximum speed of only 200 feet per minute, which may conclude that this type of elevator is the weakest and slowest one out of all three types. The main advantage of these hydraulic elevators is that they can easily increase the force to make it a stronger one, which is required to lift the elevator car; which therefore applies to Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion. These hydraulic systems are also very inefficient. It takes a lot of energy and motion to raise the cart up, which makes it extremely inconvenient. However, the roped elevator solves this problem. The roped elevator is the most common and popular elevator design; it is also known as the cable system, and is often used in modern buildings and apartments nowadays. This design works by having steel ropes that are

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