The Internet as a Catalyst for Stylistic Diversification Essay

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The Internet as a Catalyst for Stylistic Diversification

The Internet, rather than entailing an end to the cultural and historical diversity of style in composition, has increased the potential for diversity of style beyond any previous benchmark. The Internet, as a post-modernist construct, thrives on diversity, relativism, and the lack of any absolute. In this environment, while the possibility exists for styles of composition to be created that some would consider worthless, the endless possibilities serve exclusively the interests of diversity. Though the desire for efficient transfer of information has provided a contrast to the potential for diversity, but as a whole, the Internet has provided a venue for experimentation with
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Within the scope of the Internet, three main forms of composition stand out: writing, instant messaging, and visual expression. Writing will in this case be defined as the use of the written word to express an opinion or make a statement that can be viewed by anyone able to access the web page on which the writing is contained. Instant messaging will be defined as the use of the written word to communicate directly with a specific individual or individuals in an immediate frame of existence (as opposed to writing, which is presented in a continuous frame of existence). Visual expression will be defined as any use of graphics in video, symbolism, pictorial art, or similar enterprises. In each of these three arenas, the Internet has created new opportunities for expression, and in doing so, expanded the diversity of styles while simultaneously increasing the potential exposure of every individual style.

Writing on the Internet takes a number of forms. Searching the World Wide Web can yield news briefs, scientific journals, erotica, plays, screenplays, essays, and fiction of all genres. The numerous servers that offer free web sites allow virtually anyone to contribute their writing compositions to the general public. Because any additional writing pieces that enter the public sphere will, unless plagiarized,

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