The Influence of Jazz Around the World Essay

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Jazz music originated in the late 1800s in the southern area of the United States. Its’ specific birthplace is New Orleans, Louisiana. It was the first genre of music to adopt other genres of music and blend them together. When the topic of music is brought up, many artists often refer to New Orleans as being the Melting Pot of Sound. Genres that were adopted by jazz are opera, folk music, blues, a variety of church music, ragtime, and African drumming. All of those sounds merged together and became the face of jazz. “There is a tremendous variety in jazz; the music is rhythmic, has a forward momentum called "swing," and employs "bent" or "blue" notes” (Armstrong). My main argument is that jazz music has influenced other …show more content…
Black music itself was influenced by white styles and instrumentation. Also, jazz creators gained little exposure to northern white urban musical culture (Peretti 7). Jazz musicians had taken up European instruments and learned Western musical practice. As mentioned earlier, many genres of music put together became jazz with other influences. By bringing into perspective the multidimensional sound image that impelled musicians to create jazz, these methods can improve our understanding of the specific ways in which African American musicians and their imitators have used music as an expressive language, as a repertoire, as a tradition, and as a story that they tell about themselves and their people. Jazz music influenced all aspects of society. Jazz poetry, fashion, and industry were affected by the "basement" music that took the United States by storm. Jazz music also aggravated the racial tensions in the post war period. Jazz legend Louis Armstrong was born in 1901 in New Orleans, Louisiana. By the time he was teenager and in his early 20s, he stepped onto the music scene. His music career began when he was a part of a band in Chicago. He ended up replacing the lead of the band. Everyone around Armstrong knew he had a special talent with music. Encouraged by his wife, Louis Armstrong soon left the band to pursue his solo career. He then created what is known as swing. Armstrong sang and played with an expressive force, and that is what made

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