The Importance of Education According to the Conflict Theory Essay

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Each of the many elements of society come with their own issues. One example of an issue with society is education. Today, education is one of the main parts of a child’s life. Education is where a child starts to join society and begin the other valuable stages of their young lives. Education is also the source of many jobs for older Americans. It is even one of the biggest competitions between different countries throughout the world. Every aspect can be applied to a theory of Sociology. Education can be easily connected to the Conflict Theory as in there will always be a competition over power, wealth, and prestige. Children, even at a young age, often find themselves fighting over ranks in the school such as “jocks” or “nerds”. …show more content…
From here they earn their name within the district. As every student knows, as we get older, students begin to earn labels. Some labels are good, some may be bad, or some may just be a harmless name. Either way, students earn a label and are put into their groups of friends, usually with a similar label. A lot of times, these labels may not seem like a big deal, or even a problem at all. Some students may even deny their existence. We all know that these labels do exist. Many people have been called a “jock” for maybe being athletic or a “nerd” for getting an A on a test. This is just an example of how students fight for a sense of power within school and they may not even realise it. Everyone knows that in school there are the people who are looked upon as popular. The popular people feel like they run the school and even power over those with a different label. At some schools this may not seem like a big deal but at others it has become a big problem. These labels have led to students committing suicide or hurting other students. Altogether, it has led to the prevention of bullying throughout the U.S. This fight for power may not seem very large, but in the crucial stages in a young adults life it can cause many problems. The fight for power is just the first example of how the Conflict Theory is related to the issues associated with education. Sometimes in every school environment, a teacher may find themselves competing with many factors. In many cases a school is

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