The Importance of Early Reading Intervention for Students who Demonstrate Difficulties with Reading

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There is no one answer for having a reading problem in one’s life. These problems could be associated with culture, environment, health, self esteem, teaching styles, etc. There is also no one reason for acquiring a reading difficulty and thusly no one method of intervention will work for all students Reading allows students to do as well as other students in content area classes. Without having, good reading skill students fall behind and see themselves as poor readers. A poor reader will try to avoid reading, will not want to put much effort into reading, and will not be likely to have a high level of comprehension in reading. The attitude a child has about himself as a reader has an effect on his or her reading achievement …show more content…
Of these studies, it found that students with tutoring programs had a more positive attitude than in classrooms without them. Some of this found self-concept was also better in students being tutored than in students in just receiving instructions. In another study, by Kalfus (1984) it stated that even unstructured tutoring programs were more effective than independent seatwork, but agreed that structured programs probably promote greater academic gain. Gerber and Kaufman (1981) state ”… tutoring may be at least as effective as teacher led instruction under certain conditions, and that peer tutoring as a supplement to teaching may be better than teaching alone” (160).
Good and Brophy (as cited in Allington, 1990) stated that low achievement readers typically receive fewer opportunities to read than high achieving readers do. Allington concluded in his research that poor readers do not complete equivalent amounts reading in context and have fewer opportunities for silent reading, therefore, reading opportunities must increase for additional reading experiences.
Although teaching students to read remains a major goal of education, many students have extreme difficulty learning even basic reading skills. At least one in five students has significant difficulties with reading acquisition (Lyon & Moats, 1997).
In Therrien’s research he noted from previous research approximately 37% of

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