The Importance of Architectural Engineering in Today's Society

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With the help of architectural engineers, our world has become very civilized and advanced over the past decades. Like all other engineers, architectural engineers use logic and creativity to solve problems. They come up with effective designs to assist people in their everyday tasks. In our daily lives we are surrounded by buildings. Places that were once a dessert are turned into cities that now hold amazing buildings. When we think of big, tall, and creative buildings, we think of places like New York, for example. Houses, schools, shopping centers, offices, apartments, airports, etc. are very essential in the world we live in today. These buildings do not only please the eye, but they also provide us with shelter, and were made to …show more content…
Over the years our buildings have changed. They did not only become taller, but they are also much stronger and more detailed. Architectural engineers have the knowledge that is required to deal with the complexity of buildings, and “as buildings become more complex, the technical part of the design has devolved more and more upon the multidiscipline engineers” (Paranosis and Jodko). Architectural engineering have a great technical understanding because they are not only trained in architecture, but they also posses the knowledge of mechanical, electrical, and civil engineers. Their broad knowledge is very useful in the building industry because they can solve problem that might come up when constructing a building. Also, architectural engineers are highly demanded in the building industry because architects cannot do the job alone. According to Johnson, in the article "Architectural Engineering: A Marriage of Art and Science," architect Utzen had an enormous cost overrun when one of his buildings was completed because he had a marvelous design, but he lacked the technical understanding to accomplish it. Architects are experts in designing, but do not have much of a technical understanding. Architectural engineers, on the other hand, have the mechanical, structural, and electrical understanding needed to construct a building effectively, but still avoid cost overrun. Architects and architectural engineers have work together

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