The Importance of a Global Code of Conduct Essay

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Week 11 Final Assessment

It is very important for every business to have a global code of conduct as it sets a comprehensive ethical and behavioral guideline about the decisions that the organization makes in their everyday activities. A global code of conduct makes sure that all of the organizations standards are set high for conducting effective business in both a legal and ethical manner. All of the employees within the organization are expected to comply with all of the guidelines and polices that are stated in the global code of conduct. The global code of conduct gives the organization the opportunity to be able to make it extremely clear to all of its employees and also stakeholders of how the organization seeks to do business.
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An organizations core values are the values that the organization holds from the foundation on which they perform work and conduct themselves. You need to realize that core values are not actually the work that we do or how we employ to accomplish certain objectives but they are what underlines our work such as how we get along with others and what strategies we will use to fulfill our missions and objectives. Core values are the main ingredients of how people go about doing their work and what they use in their everyday lives with everything that they do. An organizations core values are what enables the organization to shape its culture and support the vision that they have while reflecting upon all of the company’s values. When an organization goes to pick out its core values they need to make sure that they understand that they cannot just choose any core values and expect them to work for their organization. Core values are not the type of values in where one size fits all and you cannot just pick them up out of thin air. Core values help companies with their decision-making process and also enable the organization to educate all of their clients and customers about what the company is about. Being able to have core values that speak to your customers and potential customers is definitely a huge competitive advantage that your

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