The Implications of Labelling Theory and how It Affects Individuals

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The main focus of the essay will be the implications of labelling theory and how it affects individuals. It also will be focusing on the creation of particular categories of criminals when labelling theory is applied, in addition it will outline what labelling theory is, how it affects people and how it effects the creation of criminal categories. The purpose of this essay is to allow a better understanding of labelling theory and its implication on creating criminal categories.
Labelling theory outlines the sociological approach towards labelling within societies and in the development of crime and deviance (Gunnar Bernburg, and D. Krohn et al., 2014, pp. 69-71). The theory purposes that, when an individual is given a negative label
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Formal labelling is given to an individual through institutions such as the legal system, whereas the informal label is given to the individual by those that are closer to them such as, family, peers and teachers. Both have an effect on the individual and usually the effects last through out there life time (Adams and Robertson et al., 2003, p. 171).
Individuals who have been given formal or informal labels are influenced by it and as a reaction to this matter, the individual is driven to change their perspective on life and also is motivated to fulfil their given labels characteristics and possibly continue committing further crimes (Gunnar Bernburg, 2009, p. 187).Therefore it is possible to say labelling theory has long lasting effects on individuals once they are labelled and the effects of it can be seen in change of personality/ identity.
A study that was conducted by researchers in Rochester, New York, America on 1000 urban adolescents aged 14 were followed into their early adult hood years. The researcher’s main aim was to examine and outline the effects of labelling theory. The findings reinforces the concept that labelling theory has lasting effects on individuals and that it encourages a shift in identity and it initiates new criminal categories/ groups forming(Lopes and Krohn et al., 2012, pp. 465-466) because individuals that have been labelled seek

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