The Implementation of an Organisation’s Records Management Program can be greatly assisted with the Aid of the ISO Standard 15489.

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The ISO standard 15489 was published on the 13th of March 2002 (Standards Australia, 2002a) and since then it has been steadily accepted by the records management community (Joseph, Debowski, & Goldschmidt, 2012, p.59). The standard is a set of guidelines and procedures for engaging best records keeping practice. This standard can provide great advantages, like increased efficiency and productivity”(Richmond, n.d, p.2), decreased litigation and legal issues, maintaining the history and collective memory of the company, a professional customer oriented image of your organisation and good retention and disposal policies. The ISO standard is set up to be able to provide backup for organisations wanting to cover themselves in relation to …show more content…
The Arthur Anderson company was convicted of obstructing justice in June of 2002(ARMA International, n.d, p.3), which goes to show the price paid for not following proper records management procedures, disposal procedures in particular.
Another important point of records management is the role it plays in maintaining the history and collective memory of the company. It has been said particularly that it is very important to “ know under what circumstances and for what purposes a particular document was created” (Pollitt, 2000, p.10). A good RM program can help companies and organisations do just that.
A Records Management program can help project a professional customer oriented image of an organisation. If records and information frequently go missing then, that is a poor outcome for the organisation but if information is readily accessible then service will be noticeably improved (Langemo, 2002, p.7). This principle can be applied to almost any business or industry from the fast food chains up to investment management companies.

Records management policies can be assigned by first having a “statement of intentions” as stated in the ISO standard 15489 itself (2002), which is a plan of what the organisation wants to do and achieve in regards to its records management. This is the starting point from which all other policies are heralded. It is essential that this is made available to all members of staff and should be made part of the main

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