Essay on The Impcat of Legalizing Cloning in our Society

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Imagine being made for the sole purpose to help a fellow human being with an incurable disease. Think of people having a so-called copy of you or some one who they cherish. Imagine being in a world where anything can be turned into an exact copy of you with just one sample of skin containing your DNA. Legalizing cloning in humans will save large amounts of lives. It can also increase animal reproduction, which will increase food revenue within our society. Cloning will also, help us consume less chemicals and hormones that have been used on plants and animals. The amount of pesticide and other toxic ingredients used on our food supply is starting to degrade are health by causing cancer and other diseases. These are some of the main …show more content…
Even with so many successful outcomes of animal cloning, people or consumers are still afraid to ever consume cloned meat. This is why the Food & Drug administration (also known as the FDA) conducted an experiment. In 2001 the FDA conducted an evaluation on cows, pigs, and goat clones. It took 7 years before any information about the results were given out to the public. The results were given on January 2008, which stated that meat and milk from a cloned cow, pig, and goat is save to consume for any consumer . Even though it is considered safe the following companies are against it. Kraft Foods, General Mills, Gerber/Nestle, Campbell’s Soup and Ben and Jerry’s, refuse to have or sell any cloned meat or dairy in any of their products.
However, there is a company using cloned products. Except, this company doesn’t call it cloned food, or cloned crop they see it differently. They see it as a sustainable agriculture. Monsanto or better knew as American Farmers are a well known agriculture company, who deliver farming products that support farmers all around the world. They have pledged to better our society by offering us this so called ‘cloned food’ that is deemed by the Food and Drug administration (FDA) to be safe and not harmful to us because it has been tested to be harmless to anybody that eats the products. They have been in the so-called

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