Essay about The Impact of the Internet Revolution on Daily Life

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The internet, it is the largest collection of accessible information ever; So it comes as no surprise that the internet is a major part of daily life. The use of the internet is so common that it has made its way into some of the most important aspects of society,the workplace,the educational system, and general leisure time.The internet has proved as beneficial as any other tool, but the internet is constantly adapting. The internet is always changing and propels all aspects of digital society.

The internet has made a huge effect on the ways of business and changes the workplace constantly. The internet was introduced into the world of business on the first of January 1983, and since then there been nearly 1.5 billion people that have
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The internet has made it possible for students to take classes from home, be interactive and never touch a book. The internet has also made it easier for students to confirm information that they need to learn. The internet can provide anything from study ideas, to answers, to the requirements of the assignment that they want to do. They have also incorporated the internet into teaching styles. In 2007 the state of Virginia issued to a group of select schools both Promethean and smart-boards which were mounted in the front of class rooms. these boards were interactive and projected the image on the screen like a computer. One of the first was at Briar Woods High School where current Old dominion student Keith Land attended high school, Keith believes "that these interactive boards make education easier and the access to internet easier, this in turn made for more interesting classes and attentive students."( me) The internet opens all kinds of doors for students, they also make class more up to date once something in that field comes about the teachers can incorporate that information into their class. This easy access to the internet also poses a problem for the educational system, the problem is the lack of ability to judge the reliability of the information that is presented on a website. This has effected the type of websites that most teachers allow students to use while

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