The Impact of Technology on Adolescents Essay

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Outline (Table of Contents)
1 Introduction
2 How Technology Dependency Development 2.1 Advancement of Technology 2.2 Availability of Technology
3 Physical Effects 3.1 Eyesight 3.2 Diet and Lack of Exercise
4 Psychological Effects 4.1 Violence and Aggressive Behavior 4.2 Antisocial Behavior 4.3 Memory Loss
5 Recommendations
6 Conclusion References 1. Introduction
Finding a home, businesses, school or most any other public building that does not have internet access is becoming more and more difficult these days. It is no surprise that the internet is one of the most important technological developments facilitates communication, it decreases costs for people and
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For example, a calculator today has more power than a computer that used to full an entire room . Technology is allows us to do things that we were not able to do before. Cell phones allow us to communicate with people who live far away, cars and airplanes let us travel in an easy way. Whether it is in business, education and government technology plays an important role. With all this advancement the youth are the quickest to understand and use technology and are the most affected. There are so many advancements that it is easy to understand how people, especially youth, become dependent.
2.2 Availability of Technology
Technology has not just advanced but also became more available then before. Commercial products have become smaller and cheaper; therefore more people can buy it. Technology can do more things in your personal life, than it used be before, personal computers have many uses that are not related to work or school. How to use certain technologies is taught in schools and used to do work and every student and employee is required to have a basic understanding. Technology has become available for most people and is now a part of people’s lives.
3. Physical Effects
3.1 Eyesight

Using technology everyday helps people reach their goals, but it also has many negative effects. Some of these effects are physical. Sitting in front of a computer for many hours has shown to cause eyesight problems. These problems are

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