The Impact of Information Technology on Individuals, Society and Organizations

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The Impact of Information Technology on Individuals, Society and Organizations Information systems and information technology are important in supporting, maintaining and enriching many aspects of livings. They bring benefits to lives of individuals, operations of business and the functioning of society but there are also drawbacks associated with technology and information system. Both good and bad impacts of information system and technology to individuals, organisations and the society will be discussed in detail in the following paragraphs.

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Individuals working in factories and highly computerised companies will be mostly affected. Their jobs may be replaced by robots or automated machines. Information systems and technologies are ever-changing, people may find it difficult to keep up-to-date. Some software and application programmes are always updating to new versions, it is hard for individuals to follow all the updates. Health and safety issues are another major concern to individuals. They may suffer from repetitive stress injuries like backaches, muscle tension and so on due to the long time use of computers and keyboards. Psychological problem can also be found in some individuals, they may feel isolation or loneliness because they interact with a computer more than with humans. The problem of information quality is also affecting individuals. Quality of information on the Internet is not regulated, thus, people may sometimes find unreliable and misleading information on websites like Wikipedia, which its content can be modified by anyone.

Information systems and information technology brings a lot of positive impacts to organisations. Firstly, advance technology leads to higher efficiency in the company. Employees can work faster with the help of information technology and computers. Secondly, information system in an organisation is a form of competitive advantage towards its competitors. Companies may gain advantages

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