The Impact of Hollywood on the World Essay

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The Impact of Hollywood on the World In this piece of writing I will be looking at the impact of 'Hollywood' on the world. The word 'Hollywood' is used as a collective word across most of the world when we talk about media throughout the world such as; films, television programmes, music and global broadcasters such as MTV and Disney. It is believed that Hollywoodaffects a lot of things people do, think and say. I will be looking at whether Hollywood affects the world in a positive or negative way.

Hollywood films promote sex and violence. This affects moral values of a majority of people and leads young people
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Some films give children positive role-models that they would like to be like. For example, "The princess diaries" the main character in this film is a young girl with very good manners who is to become a princess while trying to juggle the values of family life, her friends and her self-respect.

Hollywood affects the view of people on the view of others in the way of using the good vs. evil in movies, TV etc. In some movies they would use different races as the bad people for example. Muslims, Russians, South Americans this puts a negative view of these people on the rest of the world. The movie 'Fahrenheit 9/11' brought a lot of controversy to America between the politicians and the movie makers. The movie created a lot of tensions, "Former President George H.W. Bush called Moore a "slime ball" last month, dismissing the upcoming film as "a vicious attack on our son," according to the New York Daily News."

Many of the director's of movies, TV programmes etc are foreigners; most of them have came to places such as the USA as refugees. Although young people such as Jason, a 15-year-old from America who says, "We know that movies are pretend, and [the people are] just actors. The two kids in Colorado were freaks. No movie is going to make me or any of my friends have different things to think."

A lot of movies glorify

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