The Impact "Iron Jawed Angels" Had On Me Essay

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In our class we read about women suffragist. The textbook had small little section of what they did to help us. In the end they made Woodrow Wilson the hero of women being able to vote and also the hero of WWI. But Ms. Colon made us watch a movie called “Iron Jawed Angels.” It was the total opposite of what we read in the textbook and made a really great impact on me. The movie made me look at women here before me and the women who fought for my rights in such a different way.
The main women in this movie were Alice Paul, Lucy Burns, and Inez
Milholland. The woman that hit me most was Inez Milholland. She sacrificed the most in the movie, her life. When I looked back on it the people who were against women’s rights didn’t want a martyr
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For instance Alice Paul & Lucy Burns had more then one conversation about having love in their life. Lucy Burns said if you don’t want love you’re lying. What she meant by that is even though they were like Superwomen of their time and had no needs they really did have need, one of those needs was love. They weren’t perfect, actually far from it but what they did to make up for what they were lacking kind of made people forget that they weren’t perfect.
After we finished watching this movie it made me think a lot. It made me wonder would I ever go as far as to put my life on the line for any cause which I supported. I kept thinking about it and my answer was I would never know until I was put into that situation. The severity of all the things they had to endure was so hard to watch never the less having to go through it seemed very hard for me to imagine myself doing. It also depends what cause I was fighting for. There is a great difference if I was fighting for something that affects me and my family and something that isn’t so much affecting me.
Women today have been paved a path on which way to go. I feel that whenever in doubt women in our time always have an example to look unto and a generation of women whose experiences, ideas, and achievements have brought us to where we are today. Now even though I have stated all these positive things women today are still facing pressure in certain situations. Some examples of this are women who are rising to

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