The Humanization of Heracles Essay

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Through recent human history, there have been many plays in different aspects of literature. In Greek Mythology, the myth of Heracles can be inspected as to whether he is a hero or a murderer. One Greek writer, Euripides, writes about the tragic story of Heracles. It is a story about tragedy, madness, humanization of a hero and psychological natures. The story explores the interplay between if Heracles is sane or insane, and how he falls from all his glory and emerges from the dark, ember ashes as a changed, humble man through the phenomenon of friendship. In my opinion, Heracles is an innocent being and his body is used by an external spirit to deliver an evil onto himself.

Madness is a fundamental part of Greek tragedy that creates
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So when he kills his own family, he exempts the labors upon himself, this shows that he has a correct sense of right and wrong that shows high morality.

Heracles, in his human characterization, is an innocent person who cares for his family. This is shown when Heracles arrives from Hades and learns of the wrong that is being committed upon his family by Lycus. He takes on a hero's quality of helping his family which is in danger, much like destroy the bad and help the good. This is shown when Heracles announces, "What should I defend if not my wife and sons and my old father? Farewell, my labors! for wrongly I preferred you more than these" (Euripides 574-577). This brings out Heracles character of a caring passionate man that is prepared to put all his past glories away for the well-being of his family. Heracles is thinking clearly, showing no sign of mental illness. One who does not think clearly would have been more preoccupied with only himself and how they are seen in the eyes of the world, rather than the eyes of his loved ones. Furthermore, it shows that Heracles is psychologically stable, expressing good mental, emotional, social and spiritual health.

Heracles is thinking rationally and evaluating his current situation through his life experiences. He is coping well with the stress in his life. He is expressing his emotions of anger, guiltiness, sadness and hope correctly by protecting his family vigorously, and

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