The Human Cost of Cutting Back on Emissions Essay

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In a world where money basically talks, one has to wonder how far the pursuit of profit can actually go. That problem can easily be answered by a short mathematical equation: human life is greater than monetary gain. In a capitalist system, where inherently someone has to suffer for someone else to prosper, this simple and effective equation that should be at the basis of global functioning just does not seem to be grasped. An upcoming crisis with climate change – though already present for many, many years – adds yet another facet to the inequality that the world’s population is subject to, mainly from a Global North-Global South perspective. When money comes in between discussions about sustainable environmental policies, especially to …show more content…
These are just a handful of the negative impacts of extensive greenhouse gas emissions by industrialized countries, and all of them may become a reality in half a century. Secondly, while several companies, corporations, and the whole lot outright refuse to change their ways to more ecologically appropriate ones, stating that the long-term, unpredictable benefits are not worth the short-term, predictable profits , others have attempted to offer sustainable and temporary solutions to the global climate crisis. However – and the word

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