Essay on The Hope Solo Story

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If what does not kill us makes us stronger, then Hope Solo is made of steel. In Hope Solo’s novel Hope Solo: A Memoir of Hope, she is not afraid to speak the truth no matter what people may think of her. Hope learned during her younger years to be open to different ideas and not get discouraged by life’s challenges. She has faced countless obstacles in both her personal life and professional career. Although her persona is very intimidating, Hope is a daddy’s girl, honest, and straight-forward. Throughout her career, many people have mistaken her candid remarks as hateful comments, and she has been labeled as being difficult and bombastic. Even though her critics argue that she is outspoken and lacks maturity as a sportsman, Hope …show more content…
As a goalie, she moved from an offensive position to one of pure defense. This was a new role for Hope, but she faced this challenge head on and became the goalie that every team feared and a hindrance to their ability to score.
Hope’s love of soccer began at a young age. She was always athletic and tried to keep up with her older brother Marcus. Her mother was also athletic and practiced karate. Her dad coached her soccer teams when she was a little girl. Hope had a strong relationship with her family. She looked up to her father who called her “Baby Hope”. Although she loved and respected her father, he was not a good role model for her and her siblings. He was frequently in trouble with the law and was arrested multiple times (Solo 10). At one point in his criminal career, he was accused of murder. Hope’s mother also struggled as she battled alcoholism and eventually got professional help. Thankfully, Hope had many positive role models to influence her. When Hope was growing up, she had a friend named Cheryl. She was her best friend and played soccer with her every weekend. It is expensive to be on a traveling competitive team and Hope’s family did not have a lot of money so Cheryl’s parents took her to tournaments and took care of her. They became her second family along with her coach Carl Wheeler (Solo 33). Cheryl and Coach Wheeler became the support system that Hope needed and she still maintains contact with them

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