Essay on The Holy Roman Empire

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Holy Roman Empire Ever wondered what was one of the longest lasting empires that ever existed. The Holy Roman Empire was an empire with tremendous emperors and terrible emperors throughout its era. The Holy Roman Empire was an empire that was in existence from 800-1806(Cavendish). The Holy Roman Empire controls the majority of what is now Europe(Holy). During every change of emperors the landscape of the land they ruled changed to how they liked it during the Holy Roman Empire. What a good empire must start with is a phenomenal emperor. According to Richard Sullivan Charlemagne (747-814) was the First emperor to rule the Holy Roman Empire. The Charlemagne ruled from 800-814. His main goal was to unite all Germans and to make them …show more content…
He was the eldest son of Louis and Grandson to Charlemagne. I revolt was headed by the three sons of Louis and he yet he started to split up the empire between his sons and giving the title of the Holy Roman Emperor to Lothar. When Louis died in 840 Lothar had the Rights to the thrown, but was ousted by his brothers. When it was all over in 843 Lothar got the thrown.
When Lothar died the thrown was taken over by Charles II (823-877). He was the crowned in 1875. When Louis II died he went to where he lived and tried to take his possessions. When he went there though Louis III defeated him. During his reign he restored some of the Carolingian Renaissance.
After Charles III was not in power Arnulf took power of the kingdom. Arnulf was not the traditional Emperor in how he came to power. He was the illegitimate son of Carloman. Carloman was the Brother of Charles III. He was crowned the emperor when he stormed Rome and took over the city in 895-896. After he became emperor he became chronically sick for his last three years of his life. When he was sick Germany invaded many other places to conquer.
Henry the Fowler (876-936) came to power when Conrad I died. Henry was very close to Conrad I. When Conrad was dying He gave Henry the Thrown. Henry was not meant to be the Holy Roman Emperor. Henry was Invaded By the Magyars when he ruled. He contracted a nine-year Truce with them while he fortified his towns. When the

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