Essay about The Holocaust: One of the Most Horrific Genocides in History

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On January 30, 1933 Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany (The Holocaust: An Introductory History). He instigated the systematic and state-sponsored oppression and massacre of six million Jews and twelve million other groups known as the Holocaust ( He justified the genocide by painting Jews as enemies of Germany and inspiring national pride through propaganda.These atrocities were only stopped when World War II officially ended on May 8, 1945 (The Holocaust: An Introductory History). The Holocaust was allowed to occur due to the Nazi’s persecution of races deemed inferior and their propaganda.

Hitler used the foundational concept of Anti-Semitism to and isolate the Jews socially and economically, then persecute them in
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This economic isolation limited Jewish contact with the middle and upper class. More drastic and official oppression of the Jews was set in place when the Nuremberg Laws were passed later in 1933 (G-H). These laws stripped German Jews of their citizenship (G-H). They were not allowed to enter many public places, and were forced to wear the Star of David on their clothes (G-H). Now that movie theaters, parks, and other public venues could not be accessed by Jews, the common German population had little contact with them. Previously, Germans of all social classes mingled in these common public places, however now non-Jews only met other non-Jews. They couldn’t form relationships or friendships with Jews because their social classes rarely intersected. Now that the Jews were isolated, the Nazis could inflict even more drastic measures against them. Jews were painted as however evil and subhuman Hitler wanted, and the common populace bought it since most of them didn’t personally know any Jewish people. In 1939 Jews were deported to Ghettos (G-H). It is no coincidence that this is when the genocide began. The Nazis had successfully severed Jewish people from the German identity, and now could do to them what they wished.

While persecution of the Jews was used to disconnect them from common society, propaganda was used to connect German citizens to it. Hitler used propaganda to promote his nefarious and subhuman version of Jews and the

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