The History of Technology Essay example

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As early as 1600 to present day 2012, electricity is being used for the most simplest objects to the most complicated gadget‘s. Today people take electricity for granted simply by just leaving a house light on. Whereas back in the 1600’s a candle was the main source of light. In 1600, a English scientist by the name of William Gilbert was the first person to use the term Electricity. He also wrote about the electrification of many substances. With William Gilbert’s success, many scientist have followed his foot steps which led to the great inventions that we have today. Scientists like Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell have proved and invented many creations that without, humanity would be lost. Benjamin Franklin …show more content…
The inventor of the telephone was Alexander Graham Bell. He and his partner, Thomas Watson, studied electricity and proven that different tones would vary the strength of an electric current in a wire. While Bell was experimenting he discovered he could hear sound over a wire that sounded a Twang sound. On March 10, 1876, Bell’s greatest success was achieved by the invention of the telephone and the death of the telegraph. Also on March 10, he had his first successful experiment with the phone. He asked his assistant, Thomas Watson, to go in the next room and listen for his voice. That is when Bell said his famous words “Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you.” It was a race between the two inventors, Elisha Gray and Alexander Graham Bell, to get their respective designs to the patent office. Bell patented his telephone first, creating a legal battle between the two, which Bell ended up winning. Telephones started to get installed in people’s homes but only for the wealthiest since it was expensive. Bell’s invention of the telephone had just changed the human experience. Before the invention of the telephone, letters were written and given to messengers that road by horse, this was the only way to communicate with people in different areas. At the time the telephone was invented, the telegraph was still in use. The Telegraph was invented by Samuel Finely Breese Morse in the 1840’s. He found the first practical use of

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