The History of Modern Wars Essay

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War is an obliterate machine employed by every nation from Third World countries to Global Empires throughout world’s history. This essay will attempt to review Modern American History from the World War II to present day. Key areas will be exam are 1) patriotism and propaganda used by the government during wartime, 2) the role of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) enforcing domestic laws during the Cold War era of American history, 3) the intervenes of the United States abroad in many aspects from gaining strategic advantages, control of natural resources, depose of oppressive governments, the spread of political and religious system, and commercial self-interest, to 4) how the media shapes our historical world both past and present. …show more content…
As propaganda, the purpose of the war is “to contain the spread of communism from North Viet Nam to U.S.-backed South Viet Nam” (Brewer 179). All right, let’s assimilate what is just saying here. In the early 50s, how many average American citizens have the knowledge of where Viet Nam is? North Viet Nam? How about South Viet Nam? So, when President Johnson claims that by stopping communism in Viet Nam that would save freedom in America hometown, is that obscure? Is Viet Nam communist rage war on America hometown? And if so, why are we not defending our home front here when there is present of dangers? How ironic is it that U.S. troops travel thousand of miles to foreign land and protect strangers in order to save American freedom at home? The point here is the propaganda packages fail to deliver the level of explaining to American public. Therefore, “to sell the unsellable, officials carried out what Walt W. Rostow at the State Department called in 1964 a ‘low-key campaign of public information’ designed to generate enough home front support without mobilizing the population” (Brewer 180). To execute this propaganda campaign, governments mobilize and manage all streams of media from television networks to newspapers, magazines, and radio. Each of these media serves specific function. For the news magazines like: “Time, Newsweek, and U.S. News and World Report…providing their readers with weekly summary of domestic

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