The History of Air North Essay

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The History of Air North When examining the major impact of an airline, one should take into account the airline’s history. Air North -the Yukon’s airline has been around for 36 years and dates back to the 1970’s. Air North is a regional based carrier that provides service within the Yukon (the westernmost and smallest of Canada’s three federal territories) between the Yukon and British Columbia, Alberta, Northwest Territories and Alaska (Fly Air North, 2013). These services also include scheduled passenger service, charter services for passenger and/or cargo and cargo and ground handling services (Fly Air North, 2013). The charter passenger service is provided throughout Canada and the United States. The Yukon’s airline is headquartered …show more content…
By the mid 1980’s Air North began scheduled services within the Yukon and between the Yukon and Alaska (Fly Air North, 2013). However, in 1996 the Yukon’s airline began to replace its piston-powered fleet with turbo props (Fly Air North, 2013). By the year of 2000 the airlines fleet consisted of one Beechcraft Model 99 and three Hawker Siddeley 748 Series 2A’s (Fly Air North, 2013). The trend toward expansion with Air North continued in the twentieth century. In 2002, the airline acquired two Boeing 737-200 aircraft. This allowed Air North to begin competing with the mainline carrier on the Yukon- south routes (Fly Air North, 2013). Here, the airline began scheduled service between the Yukon and Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver (all provinces of Canada)( Fly Air North, 2013). Air North’s fleet has grown and has been modernized with newer series such as the Boeing 737 aircraft and the Siddeley 748. Since this move of expansion with aircrafts primarily for a small airline, Air North has been recognized by many locals for making travel outside significantly affordable for many Yukoners. Ultimately, as of 2012 Air North has flown more than a million passengers on its Boeing 737 fleet between Whitehorse, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton (Fly Air North, 2013). In addition, the Yukon’s airline in 2013 added a seasonal service between Whitehorse and Kelowna, a city on Okanagan Lake in the Okanagan Valley, in the southern interior of British Columbia, Canada

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