The History and Benefits of Physical Education, and Why I Want to be a PE Teacher

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Ever since kindergarten, I have always been interested in physical education. Physical education (P.E) has always been my favorite class in school because that it has to do with physical exercise and being physically fit.
The purpose of this research is to first define physical education. Then, I will explore the history of P.E. In the following section, I will compare and contrast the PE curriculum from past to present. Next, a description of the schooling requirements to become a physical education teacher will be given. Finally, I will share a reflection of my experience with an actual Physical Education teacher. Being a P.E teacher is the career I want, so why not research and get ahead on things?
What is physical education?
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When did P.E begin? History? There was several people that helped in the development of physical education. It could have been started by the person who first gave the concept of physical exercise, Johann Bernhard Basedow in 1723 to 1790. He focused on the importance of physical education. He was also the first American physical education teacher. Then in 1823 to 1866, DioCletian Lewis promoted it. Physical education was first started as a mandate education in California in the year 1866. Back then it was recognized only as an official education. But then in the next thirty years it was extended to a number of countries.
In the United States, organized physical education is less than 200 years old. The National Institute of Physical Education in Boston, Massachusetts was the first school to prepare teachers of physical education. From 1901 to 1925, thirty-two states passed physical education legislation requiring some sort of physical activity in schools. In the 1950’s, fitness tests showed that American children were lagging behind European children. After that, President Eisenhower formed the Council on Youth Fitness. Physical fitness programs grew in schools and became very popular. The focus was largely on activities that developed athletic skills, like calisthenics and

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