The Historical Progression of African Americans Essay

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Permanent struggle for civil rights by the African Americans accompanied the historical progression of the African American society (Booker T. and Fitzhugh W. 2002). The African Americans had struggled for many years to have the same opportunities as the white Americans. During this time, there was a civil war aimed at liberating the African Americans who had been made slaves by the principal white Americans. However, the civil war did not improve the lives of the African Americans in America. The struggle for equal liberties was a journey that began in the year 1865 and ended in the year of 1876.
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The engagement of the African Americans in war was a sign that they were seeking their release from the captivity of others. According to Booker T. and Fitzhugh W. (2002), the civil war led to African American liberation, but the change of their social status brought them little to no relief. They continued to suffer from economic and political oppressions in society. Between 1865 and 1876, there were many changes in the liberation of slaves. During this time the American constitution outlawed slavery in America and the Constitution permitted the vote of African Americans to be recognized in the United States of America. Although these changes seemed like a step in the right direction, the position of the African Americans gained no considerable value in America, thus the changes were formal and unrealistic. The African Americans remained under oppression, their voting rights remained limited and they had no authority to influence the political life of America. There was no room for representation in the legislative, executive and judicial branches of the government for them. Moreover, there was a problem of physical extermination of the African Americans in America. Organizations such as the clandestine had racial terrorism as its major thought. This organization oppressed the African Americans since it promoted racial terrorism (Chrisanne B., 2005).
The social and economic position of the African Americans was very poor due the

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