The Hippie and Other Movements in The 1970s Essay

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The 1970s was a tumultuous time in the United States. In some ways, the decade was a continuation of the 1960s. Women, African Americans, Native Americans, gays and lesbians and other marginalized people continued to fight for their freedom, while many other Americans joined in the demonstration against the ongoing war in Vietnam. Due to these movements, the 1970s saw changes in its national identity, including modifications in social values. These social changes showed up in the fashion industry as well, delivering new outlooks in the arenas of both men’s and women’s clothing.
The 60s was the period of time when the baby boomers began to grow up and supplement their own ideas. The post World War II Baby Boom created 70 million teenagers
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Men’s wear in the 60s went under a drastic change. From dull to flamboyant, the male wardrobe consisted of many different types of clothing. Suits, tight pants, the mod and rocker looks, and the Nehru collar are just a fraction of the equation. Towards the beginning of the decade the clothing was similar to the 50s; but toward the middle of the decade things began to change.
The most noticeable change that occurred was the tightening of the pants and the bell-bottoms. Pants were no longer the relaxed fit that men were usually accustomed to, but instead the fit around the thigh was sporty. Also, towards the end of the decade there was a sharp detour from the tight pants. Men’s pants became flared at the bottom; this unusual trouser style marked a change from the earlier love slim fit straight leg pants. The bell-bottoms flared out to almost below the ankles. The pants resembled female pants momentously. It was clear that male clothing was becoming more feminine.
Another obvious change that occurred was the change in men suits. As the 60s progressed, me suits became sleeker and were often accessorized with bright, bold shirts toped off with high-heeled boots. Designers started to experiment with different materials such as waterproof cloth. Pea coats were also worn on top of a suit to give out a classier look. This originated form the MOD look.
The Mod look is all about clean crisp line with a little of the beetles incorporated in it.

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