The Heroic Qualities of Odysseus (The Odyssey) and Everett (O Brother, Where Art Thou)

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Odysseus and Ullysseus Everett McGill are similar characters because of their perseverance, cleverness, and their leadership abilities. In The Odyssey, Odysseus portrays an important trait to the story, perseverance. His perseverance really stands out as something that he has and always will have. On his long journey home, he never gives up and just stays where he is, no matter how tempting. He always manages to push through and keep getting closer to his goal of returning home. An example of when he does this is when he is faced with the challenge of getting past Skylla and Kharybdis. He knows that either path will kill at least some of his men and possibly him, but he knows he has to keep going. "And all this time,/ in travail, …show more content…
His men also couldn't help him move the massive rock blocking the exit of the cave they are trapped in. He had to figure out a way to use the Cyclops's own strength against him. So, that is what he did. "Blinded, and sick with pain from his head wound,/ the master stroked each ram, then let it pass,/ but my men riding on the pectoral fleece/ the giant's blind hands blundering never found." (Homer, 9. 480-483). He snuck his men out on the bottoms of the Cyclops's rams so he wouldn't detect them escaping, a very clever plan. Everett was also a very clever man. He tricked the two men that he was chained to into believing a very detailed and believable story about a treasure of $1.2 million that they would split, which was actually all mad up so he could escape. He would have gone on his own but he was chained to the other two men, so he thought of a way to get them to go with him. It was a bad thing to do, but it was very clever. That is a few character traits that Everett and Odysseus share. These two men share many characteristics, but one of their most important ones is their great leadership. Odysseus has led his men since the start of the Trojan War, and even though he has led different groups of men, they all listen to and respect him. He portrays this leadership throughout the entirety of The Odyssey, but it is shown most clearly when he is ordering his men to keep going even though

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