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The Head Lamp

The crisp blue sky, which was littered with clouds painted a great backdrop while hiking down a lonely gravel road. The deep green and brown of the trees framed the path which I walked down. I could hear birds signing to each other in a dialect only they knew. The pattern in which they sung began tapering off as I entered a barren meadow. Not much was to be seen but trees and hallowed stumps. In the distance I saw the movement of a few brown blurs which I interpreted as deer. All but one of the beasts scattered as I drew closer. The herd, which was lead by a massive buck who was not intimidated by the subtleness of my presence was staring me directly in the eyes. The deepness of his glare took me completely by surprise, I
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I put my gear down and decided to figure out if I could get to the top of the hill I was camping under. I found what seemed like a hidden trail and followed its curves to the top of the butte. The treeless view from the summit of the hill looked as if it had been dipped in molten lava; the sun burned its last rays towards the highest peaks in the distance and created a mellow orange glow. I was so entranced by the intensity of the suns glow that I felt as if I was the only person who could see it, I knew that I was the only human being for miles in any direction; it made me feel special, part of a bigger plan.
The sun had long since gone to sleep by the time I returned to my base camp and I had been hiking through the woods for almost three hours, I was completely exhausted and resented the fact that I still had to set up my camp. I was fishing for my headlamp in my bag but failed, it had to be there, I know I packed it so where was it? Four minutes quietly led to five as I continued my search for the elusive light, but now it was pitch black and I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face. My fear of setting up my camp at night quickly materialized in front of my eyes, this was not a position I wanted to be in. The last time I had been in darkness like this was during dawn patrol with Cascade Adventures, there were other people with me though and I could not believe how much I took for granted

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