Essay on The Harm Caused by Factory Farming

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The term abuse refers to the harmful use or treatment of something. We are well aware of child abuse, spousal abuse, drug abuse and so on with in our society; but does the word abuse bring to mind images of farms and your dinner table? Well it should, because there is another form of abuse that has been on the rise since the 1930's which has tortured animals and placed them in our homes all while making millions in profit. Its called factory farming and for the past 80 years it has worked to put independent farmers out of business and used unethical methods of production while still avoiding all the legal consequences that their practices should have evoked. Factory farming should be banned not only because it uses cruel methods to …show more content…
This results in many animals that are hung upside down while still struggling, only to then have the throats cut (Factory Farming). Dairy cows in factory farms are confined to small pens that don't allow for them to even lay down, and are then strapped to milking devices that often cut or shock them, causing extreme pain and even death (“Animal Welfare”; “Industrial Livestock production”). The animals are also stripped of their natural diets and instead placed on diets that consist mainly of grain which fattens them much quicker than is normal. In just under a year, most cattle weigh around 1,000 to 1,500 pounds, twice what they might normally weigh at that time which puts unusual amounts of stress on their bone structures, causing them to often injure themselves during regular movement (“Animal Welfare”). This change in their diets also causes acidosis, a severe form of bovine heartburn that can result in ulcers, liver disease, or even what is called “feedlot bloat” which is the number one cause of sudden death among feedlot animals today (“Animal Welfare”). Even still, many meat producers try to give the appearance of being farmer friendly, creating commercials that show large open fields full of happy cattle and a happy thriving farmer riding his tractor around tending to his livestock. But in reality factory farm operations have been putting those kinds of farms out of business since the 1930's and causing many

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