The Growth and Influence of Radio Broadcasting in the Unite States

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“The growth and influence of radio broadcasting in the United States is one of the most dramatic chapters in the history of communication. In less than three decades 90.7 percent of…families..have acquired radio receivers. This means 33,998,000 “radio homes” or about 130,000,000 potential listeners” (Bartlett). For countless years in the United States, Americans have turned on the switches of their radios, whether in their cars, in their homes, or in their workplaces, and they have been greeted

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Before the radio was introduced into American homes, it was used for numerous purposes in the military. In the early 1900s, radios began to appear on United States navy ships. They were used not only to communicate between land and sea, but to communicate between ships. Radio increased safety on the seas as ships were able to communicate, especially in times of distress. During World War I, radio became both a benefit to the military and a threat. International signals were censored by the government and in order to stop messages from being transmitted to enemies, the government created a monopoly on American radio. It became treasonous to own for a US citizen to have a transmitter or receiver in their possession as radio signals were reserved for the war effort. While radio transmission was banned from civilian society, military persons had no such restrictions. It was during World War I that military troops began entertainment radio as they started to broadcast music and talk shows over military radio.
At the end of World War I, in 1918 and 1919, these military persons began to return to civilian life and the restriction on civilian radio transmitting was lifted leading to the sudden appearance of many amateur radio stations. Amateur radio broadcasters were able to buy radio transmission sets and began broadcasting their opinions over the radio. Radio stations became disorganized and any
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