The Growing Number of Private Intelligence Corporations Essay

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Throughout the course of history, wars have been fought with Nation-state’s armies. Along with traditional armies came along traditional intelligence gathering by the armies themselves. Throughout history much of the intelligence gathered was by both the army and private citizens. This is only the beginning. In the Post 9/11 world the need for intelligence gathering is far from being satisfied. This leaves a wide open gap in the system and to fill that gap many private agencies such as Stratfor, Global Strategies Group and iJET have moved in and started to fill. The question that seems to pop up from many places is the legal standing of these agencies and who exactly governs their activities? Is the answer to move more intelligence …show more content…
That is where the private industry steps in. The outsourcing allowed for more intelligence to be produced and the cost in theory to be cut down. This covered the short termed goals by providing a vast amount of information in a short time and allowed for a much larger array of data to be procured. However it did not account for the monetary costs which in 2008 was the point of contest when the government decided to make some of the contractor’s career employees. The explosion of private intelligence work has led to quite a few questions. One of the first questions is what exactly is a contractor and how does he fit into one of the most secure intelligence networks in the world? That question is answered by a recent events involving an intelligence contractor known as Edward Snowden. Snowden was a private contractor for the NSA through a company known as Booz Allen Hamilton. Booz Allen Hamilton was founded in 1914 by Edwin Booz. (Booze Allen) Throughout the years Booz Allen Hamilton has been a contractor with the US government and various intelligence agencies. As a private contracting company Booz Allen Hamilton was involved in the research and development of the NSA’s program called PRISM. Booz Allen Hamilton is not the only private intelligence firm that has made the news in the last few years. The company known as Stratfor also made news in 2011 and 2012 when they were the target of hackers known as anonymous. Stratfor was founded

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