The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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With the dawning future nearing, F. Scott Fitzgerald had already prepared the ideal person and image he wanted associated with him. Having a humble beginning in life, Fitzgerald craved for the sweetness of success and could vividly imagine the taste slithering between and over his taste buds; as a result, this fuelled his motivation to achieve what it was that he dreamt. In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, published in 1925, the main character, Jay Gatsby, shares the visions of Fitzgerald as they both limitedly shape the destiny of what is to come, ultimately molding the same figure. Throughout the storyline of The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald emulates the lifestyle depicted in the novel from Tom and Daisy to Gatsby. Although the …show more content…
Once Fitzgerald and Gatsby are with the woman of their dreams, they commit themselves to unhealthy relationships of dishonesty, deceit, and death (Fitzgerald, Brief Life of Fitzgerald). Unlike Fitzgerald, Gatsby encounters Tom as an obstacle from permitting him and Daisy by being with one another (Fitzgerald). Gatsby is forced to dodge Tom to secure the secret of his affair with Daisy (Fitzgerald). Furthermore, Fitzgerald, like Gatsby, finds himself being dishonest with his wife Zelda as he cheats with another woman. Nevertheless, Fitzgerald and Zelda as well as Gatsby and Daisy lead an extravagant lifestyle of luxurious parties and riches. Gatsby hosts parties almost daily while Fitzgerald attends different parties (Fitzgerald, History). Although Daisy and Gatsby attend a party together only once, Gatsby’s excessive parties demonstrates how desperate he is to reunite with Daisy; their one night with one another at the party introduces a gateway for them to enter and be alone in (Fitzgerald). The romance between Zelda and Fitzgerald is awakened in the same way by drown the butterflies in their stomachs away with beverages as they move their feet in a rhythm only they comprehend. Yet, unfortunate events succeed the love of the pairs. Fitzgerald being

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