The Golem of Gotham Essay

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The coming of a Jews messiah to liberate the Jews community has been well known for multiple generations, however, the coming of two messiahs at the same time to liberate the Jews, is a 20th century popular comic addition to Jews mythology. Detective Comics introduce two messiahs; Batman and the Golem. By contrasting Batman's sense of the present, of humanity, as well as his role as protector of the city, with the Golem's creation purpose and role to liberate Soul’s from his regrets. The comic The Golem of Gotham #631-632, portrays two messiahs; Batman is the human messiah and the Golem is the supernatural messiah. With this evidence the comic implies that an imperfect human messiah is more capable of saving the Jews community than a …show more content…
These memories take Soul to a past that he regrets, wanting to stop the pain that his regrets provoke him, he decides to take action by creating a Golem. By doing such action Soul hopes to undo his regretful past. The Golem would serve as a supernatural messiah that will bring salvation to the community. Batman’s sense of the present time and his complete focus on the protection of the city also makes him a messiah. Batman’s sense of present time is demonstrated by all of the high technology in his office and his lack of mixing his missions with his personal feelings. Batman’s dialogue with Alfred reveals his worry about the dangers that the attacks represent to the city (Milligan, 4). He has only one purpose in life; to protect his city’s citizens and to do that he has all of the proper tools. The panels that introduce Batman’s personal space to the comic are small with yellow background representing the familiarity that Batman has when it comes to investigating crime (Milligan, 3-4). Even though, Batman became a messiah to seek revenge against criminal for a personal matter, he is able to leave this motive behind. Fighting crime became the only purpose of his life. Unlike Soul that lives between the past and the present, Batman is not disturbed by his past. In contrast to Batman’s only goal,

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