The Golden Age of Couture Essay

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Every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway” ~ Coco Chanel
World War II changed fashion enormously by rationing clothes, this made it that after WW2 had ended, and the fashion of the war had lingered into some of the most popular trends in the 1950s. Fashion was a relief from worries and way to express themselves. So designers like Christian Dior wanted to start a new fresh look for women to kind of celebrate the war ending. The effects of war had made women crave glamour and beauty which changed how people wore clothes on a daily basis and had made 1950’s the Golden Age of Couture. World War 2 was the biggest war in
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This helped the United States and its economy boom in the 1950’s.This created a condition called consumerism, which meant that now people had money to buy stuff but in ever-greater amounts. People started buying things like TVs, cars, clothes, and more, because they were encouraged to buy products by advertisement industries. This drove people into buying non-necessary goods. This was the creation of what historians called a consumer society .The fashion industry was one of the biggest benefited industries from the rise of consumerism and of course the war. The people were tired of the governments clothing restrictions and wanted to express themselves with more luxurious and stylish clothing. Different fashion trends like the New Look for women or the Bold Look for men had offered them a different and more stylish clothing that post war clothing or war clothing did not offer. This was exiting! Before and during World War II, fashion was dull and

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