The Global Warming Debate Essay

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In the beginning of the twentieth century scientists began to say that the Earth was warming and that man kind was the cause. News agencies all over the world made it sound like the worst thing in history. The thought of our planet warming is frightening the people all over the world just because the scientists, news stations, and Politians took the idea and blew it out of proportion. Although it is believed that man’s carbon emissions are the cause of global warming, in reality the normal cycles of nature cause the climate to change and also provides benefits to life on Earth.
Global warming extremists voice that man’s factories, automobiles, and industrial activity produce enough carbon dioxide to cause the global temperature to warm.
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There is much more evidence that the natural forces such as solar activity, radiation from the Earths core, and the Earth’s natural cycle cause the heating we experience over time. Solar activity is a natural force that has strong connection between the temperatures on Earth, and there is enough evidence to say that we could have a climate based on the sun (Biley 79). For example, Ian Clark, a professor of the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Ottawa says that the changes in the sun’s cycles, when it radiates more energy toward Earth, can cause the changes in temperature we see (Biley 79). Data gathered from the Sun and Earth had actually matched up to show this connection. The Earth’s core is also a more likely cause of Global warming says Gary Novak, an Independent Biologist and moral philosopher. He states this is the only possible way to account for the warm and cold spells Earth experiences (Bilely 83). Novak argues that the Earth’s core goes through cycles such as the sun which causes the oceans to heat, thus causing the atmosphere to warm (Biley 84). Novak says this happens not by the .04 percent of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but by the other greenhouse gasses that are natural on Earth and conduction and convection. Conduction and convection are natural factors on Earth that hold heat in and release it into space. An example of conduction and convection is when the sun’s energy is in the earth’s

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