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In Lois Lowry’s, The Giver, Jonas comes to find who he is through struggles he faces with his family, friends, and the Giver. This novel is complex and surprising (Lord). Zaidman states,” In The Giver, Lowry explores new territory. This fantasy's seemingly perfect society (without pain, disorder, or overpopulation) is actually a frightening dystopia (without love, colors, or sense of the past). (Zaidman)” This novel is fighting a struggle of being on a school reading ban list. The Giver is often challenged because of the adult subject matter (Lord).
Jonas is the boy child in his family unit. He has a younger sister and a mother and father (Overview: The Giver). At dinnertime, the family units sit at the table and have a time where they
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When the family unit wakes in the mornings, they eat breakfast, then talk about the dreams they had. One particular morning Jonas wakes up with ‘morning wood’ because of a dream he had that gave him what the townspeople in the novel call; ‘stirrings’. He feels uncomfortable talking to his mom about this dream and the results, but decides to get it over with because it is against the rules. She assures him that it is not uncommon and that his father and she were expecting him to come and talk to them about it sometime soon.
In the beginning of the assignment of forever jobs, Jonas is looking over the rules and expectations of what us to be him as the receiver of memory. At the time, he felt confused and baffled because he has grown-up his whole 12 years of life with always having certain rules in place and these rules tell him to throw it out the window. The rules stated plainly are:
“1. Go immediately at the end of school hours each day to the Annex entrance behind the House of the Old and present yourself to the attendant. (Lowry 68)” This rule that Jonas has to follow is talking about his work hours on his new job as The Receiver of Memory. He has to work from the end of school until the Giver tells him training is over.
“2. Go immediately to your dwelling at the conclusion of Training Hours each day. (Lowry 68)” This rule somewhat follows what the previous rule is making a point of – Jonas’ work/training hours. This is making the point that after he is done

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