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The press are saying, "Nuclear energy," "Libya," Japan," Iran," Energy policy," "gas price," " budget cuts," and then on the right has the president with a big smiles, his caption stating, "Here's what you've all been waiting for...My NCAA picks." The Indianapolis cartoonist, Gary Varvel is the man behind the cartoon. He is known for many publications, and awards, most recent was the 2010 Grambs Aronson Award for cartooning with a conscience according to an interview by Alan Gardener (1).

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He sets it up in a very usual scene where the President would give a speech. Gary gave concerned faces on the press and made them eagerly waiting there in the audience seats with their important questions again in the speech balloon about current events and their paper and pens ready to write. Valver then puts a big goofy, overly eager smile on the caricatured Presidents face, just like a kid in the candy shop, he is excited to share. Valver also writes, "My NCAA pick," in bright bold red letters, drawing attention to it and underneath Obama's hand is the bracket he is filling out.

The message is mainly about all the problems that America is facing, which is quite a bit at this time, like Gary Valver's cartoon expresses, "Japan, Iraq, Education, Nuclear energy, gas prices, energy policy and budget cuts," is just a few and how the Presidents many promises and fixes to these problems either come too late or not at all. But with march madness NCAA picks, he is so eager and actually makes a decision and later appears on ESPN to tell his picks.

There are many current events that lead to the Gary Valvers cartoon. As the comic states there is the pressing issues of Japan, Iraq, Nuclear Energy, gas prices, energy policy, budget cuts, and Bahrain. Let's break this down. We all know about the huge devastating disaster that struck Japan March 11, 2011, but that earthquake was only the beginning. According to New York Times, the "earthquake with
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