Essay about The Game of Football

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Are You Ready For Some Football?

     From the early ages in history to the present day, sports have always been an important part of society. It teaches discipline, how to be a team player, how to interact with others and is a good source of physical activity. In specific, football utilizes all of these aspects of sports and it’s a great source of teaching self-restraint and perseverance. Some may say that football is a violent sport or it’s not beneficial in any way, but in reality it gives a person the basic tools needed not only for playing the game, but also how you interact with people in society.
     The first process of playing football is getting involved. It is actually very
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In addition to having more practices you also have more team meetings. In high school football usually you meet every weekday at lunch hour to watch video tape and go over offensive and defensive responsibilities. You also find yourself under the microscope because their may be two to three other guys competing for the same job so you are constantly trying to improve your own abilities and techniques. If you excel at high school football you may continue your football career at the college level usually through recruitment. This quote shows that colleges recruit high school players.
“That was when I started to realize that I was a pretty good athlete and that I was valuable to some people… I got a lot of media attention but I mean that only tells you so much, I mean when you start to find out that you are a good athlete is when the colleges start to recruit you” (Dietz, Prus, Shaffir pg. 114).

Colleges don’t necessarily recruit you because you get a lot of attention, it’s what you do on the field. At this level, football is very demanding and doesn’t allow much time for other social activities during the football season. During football season in college you have eight to ten practices a week. Most days you have practice in the morning and one in the late afternoon. At the college level, only the best

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