Essay about The Frog and Toad Series by Arnold Lobel

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Friendship, although conceptually understood by the youngest of children, is one of those things that seems elusive when we try to explain it fully. It is multi-faceted, complicated and one of the best aspects of a rich life. Friendship has been a topic in literature from the Bible to Thoreau, who wrote an entire essay considering friendships and its meanings. Modern literature explores many aspects of friendships, both good and bad, but the simple yet meaningful friendships portrayed in children’s stories are some of the most memorable and none more so than the lovable Frog and Toad. This exploration into the character of Frog, one of the most well-loved characters of all time, reveals what truly makes a good friend.
Frog and Toad
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This is the type of picture Frog might choose to hang over his fireplace and gaze upon during the evening. The island on which Frog sits in the story Alone and contemplates how much he loves being a frog can almost be seen just at the back of the painting.
During those long evenings and rainy days, Frog might pull some books from his bookshelf. One of his favorites would be, Tasha Tudor’s Through the Seasons. Her simple text about how a family spends each month, brought to life with her beautiful illustrations, represents the activities that Frog and Toad participate in through the seasons in A Year with Frog and Toad. Another book that Frog would enjoy is Stuart Little by E.B. White. Stuart Little tells the story of a mouse with a great love of adventure. Frog would delight in the bravery and his heart would pound as he read the adventures of Stuart, another diminutive creature with a courageous soul. He would also relate to the selflessness Stuart shows as he risks all for the sake of his bird friend, Margalo.
Alongside the fiction on his bookshelf would be volumes of poetry. As Toad comes to tea one afternoon, Frog might share with him one of A.A. Milne’s poems, Us Two. Frog places a high importance on his friendship with Toad and this is the most defining aspect of his character. He would enjoy the closeness of Christopher Robin and Winnie-the-Pooh and their desire to spend time together, whatever the day may bring.

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