The Four P's of Marketing and the iPhone 3G Essay

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In 2006 apple took the mobile industry by storm with the launch of the Iphone 3g. The iphone 3g was a success which was then followed with a sisiter version in may 2009 the Iphone 3gs which is said to be the upgraded version of the previous version and would make up all the area that the original failed to.The main purpose of this paper is to conduct a market analysis of the apple iphone. We will explore its advertisizing techniques, targeted group, customer demographic .This paper includes a (strength, weaknesses, opportnuities, threat)analysis of its leading competitors the palm and nokia/rim. this information was obtained through secondary sources via the internet.This paper also covers targeted customers and their demographics.We …show more content…
By lowering the price it was able to appeal to more customers, hence expanding its revenues.
Place/channel of distrinution;Unlike many other phone that can be obtained through various retailers the iphone the only means of distribution is through the apple store or through a two year contract with at&t. Investing in other retailers or providing prepaid services would appeal to those who do not like the idea of been bounded by a contract.The price set by apple is non negogitable which means At&t cannot change the price to match that of the economy without apple's consent. Apple has also made effort to partner with other global providers, this will help them become a global model.The which was discussed earlier in the customer demographis.
Promotional strategy;Apple doesnot provide a lot of promotion when compared to many other phones like the current deal offered by RIM and verizon where you buy one Blackberry and you get a second free or exceptional mail in rebates on the new Palm pre. The iphone's ad campaign focuses more on the capabilities of the phone ratehr than appealing to the pockets of its customers through incentives.

Demographics of the iphone
The demographics of appl's iphone targeted the age of customer between the age group of 15-35, whose segment include, students,corporate users, healthcare worker and enterpeneur. It innovateness captures the needs

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