Essay on The Four Functions Of Management

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The Four Functions of Management Management is the utilization of organizational resources, combined with people working together to achieve an organizational objective. In order to accomplish a united goal effectively, managers should use the four functions of management, which are: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. The Marine Corps is a large organization that uses these traditional methods of management to conduct business at every section level. This paper will describe the four functions of management and how they are utilized by the Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Camp Futenma, Marine Tactical Air Control Squadron 18 (MTACS- 18).
Planning is the first step in achieving organizational goals. Planning
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The Motor Transport (MT) section has a different plan. MT's goal is to transport all the gear safely and quickly. MT must work out scheduling plans to load the equipment, and transport it back and forth between Japan and Korea. The Utilities (UT) section supports the TACC by setting up electricity, water, and air conditioning. The aim of UT is to provide uninterrupted service to the TACC. Their plan consists of deciding on how many generators and ac units are needed to maintain the TACC, form a schedule of when MT will transport the gear, organize the arrangement of the gear, and establish an emergency plan in case of power failure.
Although each section has a different objective, their combined goals help achieve the units organizational goal. Not only is it important to create a plan, but managers must follow through by establishing an organizational structure. This leads to the next fundamental, which is organization.
Organization involves putting the plans into action. When the UT section plans on bringing gear to support the TACC, the manager delegates who will be in charge of calculating the necessary electrical output to sustain power, and assigns a team to get the equipment prepped and ready for transport. Managers use organization to create structure by assigning tasks to individuals, or to a team of people. For

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