The Fine Line Between Genders Essay

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Gender inequality has been as an issue for many years, in many societies and has raised controversy in the feminist community, as explained by Monique Wittig. In her essay “One is Not Born a Woman,” Wittig explains how women are presented in society as inferior to men not only biologically but mentally. Wittig goes on to say that not only is present society patriarchal but it is made up of heterosexual couples, which in turn strengthens the patriarchal mindset. Wittig herself, being a lesbian, and a predominant figure in the feminist movement believes that in order for a society to look at women as one with men they must set aside all historical evidence that was shown to make men more powerful then women. Wittig also goes on to explain …show more content…
By saying this, hooks is essentially stating that without a proper definition of feminism, feminists have no foundation of what they are fighting for in the public eye, thus giving them a disadvantage right away. Hooks, being an African-American, also explains that social equality is more likely attainable with “white women in middle and upper class groups while affecting only in a very marginal way the social status of working class and poor women” (hooks 66). hooks, being a poor African-American explains that equality amongst all women must be present, from upper to lower class, in order for the feminist movement to be successful. The approach hooks uses towards feminism is much less radical then Wittig’s because hooks explains how many women do not want to be associated with the feminist movement due to its notoriety. The main focal point of hooks’ argument however is “the need to eradicate the underlying cultural basis and causes of sexism and other forms of group oppression” (hooks 75). This less radical approach of trying to eliminate the historical context of feminism, traces back women’s rights to its core compared to Wittig’s “destruction of heterosexuality as a social system,” which goes against social norms, creating a society of lesbians. Thus going for the less radical approach will give

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