The Financial Crisis Affecting Young People´s Unemployment Leve

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“Analyse why the financial crisis has particularly affected the unemployment level of young people. Should the responsibility for lowering youth unemployment lie with the government, organisations, or individuals?”

Youth unemployment has been rising for years but the financial crisis has made it considerably worse. Research into why is has worsen and recommendations will be given. There will be examination at looking at youth unemployment at a UK level but will reference other countries as a comparison. I will be looking at contemporary issues that affect employment or employees and how it is linked with youth unemployment.

Youth employment is where 16-24 year olds who are able to and actively looking for work. Youth unemployment has
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State pension age is rising as a result hence people are in employment longer; with the economy not booming jobs are not available.

The financial crisis has lead to an adverse effects and one being cut backs in both private and public sector and jobs and redundancy due to companies going into liquidation or general budget cuts. It is worthy to note that the youth unemployment is much higher than the national unemployment rate in the UK so there is an issue of why youth unemployment are affected more.

Young people with low or no qualifications make up 39% of all young people unemployed and not in education (Wilson, 2013)It is evident that that there are far too many young people who have no qualifications and as a result not being employed. The 39% are not classed in the NEET which is acronym for ‘Not in Education, Employment, or Training’ is bad statistic as full time further education is free in the UK meaning that qualifications up to Level 3 is given.

According to Robert Davies a Tesco Personnel Manager said that qualifications have little importance when staffs are employed for stores… Tesco look for factors such as attitude and loyalty and work ethic, Robert reiterated that these ‘cannot be derived from qualifications’ and

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