The Faults Within Active Euthanasia Essays

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Euthanasia has become a very controversial topic in the medical field. The decision-making skill that physicians possess regarding the well-being of their patients is essentially the framework of their craft. Although they have been tempered and molded to preform medical decisions, physicians cannot make perfect decisions because of the influence by their humanity. Even though this may be, people are required to build a relationship with their physician in order to procure trust. Physicians have the expertise to instruct and intervene in the public’s health, but they cannot be allowed to actively euthanize patients. As far as the law is concerned, physicians lack the right to actively interfere with the patient committing suicide. There …show more content…
This right goes as far as it can be logically deciphered. This right is expressed through refusal of treatment and the wearing of the do not resuscitate bracelet, but the right to life does not condone the use of drugs to cause death. This does, however, permit people to give a reasonable reason to refuse treatment such as to avoid excruciating pain (Kass 3). Authorizing physician-assisted suicide would also violate the Hippocratic Oath; henceforth, this action would overturn the rule against medical killings. Assisting in suicide would also tip the balance of neutrality of medicine because it can kill but also cure (Kass 4). If physicians were not obligated to pursue optimum well being of their patients that is stated in the Hippocratic Oath, then it seems to follow that the trust between patient and physician would be severely harmed. The trust between patients and their respective physicians is perhaps the most important aspect in the relationship they share. If trust is compromised, patients will start to question their treatment (Kass 4). Physicians rely on the trust of their patients so that they can quickly and effectively treat their patients. Without trust, patients might feel reluctant to take prescribed drugs, and they would risk the chance of harming themselves or possibly others (Kass

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