The Fashion Revolution in France Essay

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Fashion plays an important role in the lives of billions all over the world; people, as part of a status craving society, turn to “fashion capitals” of the world for ways in which to dress and carry themselves. New York, Milan, and Paris are leaders among this fierce industry that the world lusts after. Fashion can speak volumes about ones personality, or also about the condition the world is in at the time. In France, fashion changed rapidly and feverously as the times changed. In the early 1800s, France was the sole fashion capital of the world; everyone who was anyone looked towards Paris for inspiration (DeJean, 35). French fashion authority was not disputed until the late twentieth century when Italy emerged as a major fashion …show more content…
Another popular way of marketing was the use of fashion dolls, called mannequins after 1750. The designers duplicated fashions onto inexpensive cotton cloth so that they could send out representations of their works without having to spend unnecessary money on luxurious fabrics; these were used in miniature trunk shows to showcase lines of elite designers (DeJean, 61- 65). Fashion greatly affected how people viewed their lives and where they stood as a member in society. Fashion in the early nineteenth century was very loose and simple, giving it a charming, romantic feel. The elite were wearing elegant, high-waisted gowns that flowed effortlessly to the floor and swept in a way that resembles many Greek inspired draped gowns we see in fashion today (Mailto). The sleeves on these gowns would be fancy puffs of gathered fabric places neatly and flirty on the shoulders. Women would also wear gloves that extended all the way up to these sleeves (Antiques Digest). However, winters are hard and cold in France and while these gowns may be beautiful and stylish, they were too thin to brave the winters; garments such as shawls, pelisses, and redingotes would be paired with these gowns to give them warmth. Grand, draping pieces of cloth called shawl could be wrapped around elegant dresses, or transition into a casual outfit.

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