The Factors of Suicide Prevention Essay

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Suicide is the third leading cause of death in teenagers in the U.S. There are 157,000 teenagers that receive medical care for injuries that they have committed against themselves. Also, they say that boys are more likely to commit suicide than girls are. Girls would be more likely to report that they tried to commit suicide, before a boy would report it. They also say that 1.1 million adults attempted suicide each year, but 38,000 are actually dying, so some of the suicides are being prevented. The more suicides that are prevented means that the medical care that they are doing is working for the patients. There are a lot of programs for suicidal people that need help or want it. They also say suicide kills twice as many people as aids …show more content…
That would be a good thing, because if you make the person feel better about themselves that's just another step in progress from preventing suicidal thoughts.
If you ever hear someone talking about suicide please contact help as soon as you possibly can, because they need it before it’s too late. This would be another factor in preventing suicide in the U.S. We have several places where people can receive help, which is a good thing. There is this one place called the suicidal hotspots they offer needs for suicidal people. This was written in an article that they have their place set up really nice. That way the people feel more comfortable while staying there and receiving help that they need. It stated that this place shows promise to suicidal teenagers or adults. If they show promise, this must mean that they plan to prevent most suicides in the U.S.
There is a place called the National Mental Health Association. It was and is still ran by Kristin Brooks. She started in 2005. She thought it would be a good idea for her and musicians to travel the world to spread messages to teenagers and young adults about suicidal thoughts and how to prevent them. She thought if they did this that it would prevent some people from killing themselves, but she also stated that every 100 minutes a teenager is killing themselves. That’s why she traveled to more cities around the world, she traveled to about 35 different cities to spread the messages about

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