The Existence of God Essay

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The ontological argument aims to prove the existence of God as an a priori argument. One of the distinguishing features of Descartes's argument is its simplicity. The argument is deductive and based on reason alone and requires no need for physical evidence of God, it attempts to prove Gods existence objectively and necessarily.
There are some statements we know to be false without any further information, such as “a circle has 3 sides” or “she is a bachelor” these statements are untrue by definition. The ontological argument aims to make the statement “God doesn't exist” as absurd and false as the statements above, and for “God exists” to be an analytic truth, thus it is logically impossible for it not to be the case.
Descartes background
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Descartes believed for any imperfection to feature in a supremely perfect being is absurd, necessary existence is a perfection and must be attributed to God. To claim otherwise is like denying a square has four sides.
Descartes also approached Gods existence another way using existence and essence.
In the same way a bachelor is unmarried, Descartes argues that the “essence” of God requires his existence. Necessary existence can't be separated from a supremely perfect being.
In 'Meditations' Descartes claimed that there are some qualities that a thing must have for it to be qualified as that thing, they are self evident facts which don’t need empirical proofs to be accepted as truths. Such as mountains must have valleys and bachelors must be unmarried.
Applying this to God, Descartes would say, whatever I see to be within the concept of something is true of that thing, I can see that necessary existence is part of the concept of God, therefore God exists.
Descartes claims that a predicate of perfection is existence, a predicate is a necessary,compulsory quality. So if we accept God is perfect, then logically we must accept he exists, one could argue existence should be a predicate because it assuredly adds something to Gods nature. If we imagined God to not exist, we can imagine him more perfect- imagine him existing as this is clearly better. Therefore to think of God as not existing is to thing of God as being imperfect. The idea of God being

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